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My name is Brent Riggs. I’m married with seven kids, three of them adopted internationally, ranging from 22 to 3 years old. Our daughter Abby, adopted from Guatemala at six months old is battling Leukemia. We plan to adopt at least one more baby, probably from Ethiopia. You can find out more about our family at www.riggsfamilyblog.com

I’m the author of several blogs, books and a magazine, as well as owner of the popular Linky Followers and Linky Tools.  “Life Without Debt” is a popular personal finance book currently being developed into a workshop series. “Terrorist to Evangelist: The Story of Kenny McClinton“, a fascinating story of a violent, wasted life being renewed for good. Here’s those links if you want to check them out: www.brentriggs.com, www.serioufaith.com, www.seriouslifemagazine.com, www.linkyfollowers.com and www.linkytools.com.

We live in a ridiculously small town in Oklahoma with a grand total of one stop sign. We have a little convenience store and everyone still waves at each other when you drive past them on our two lane roads.  Little kids ride on the fire truck in the parade and the old men play domino’s “downtown” (downtown is the old empty building next to our hundred year old post office).

People naturally want to know the background and experience of someone who has a public presence, writes, teaches, trains, counsels or mentors. The following is a quick summary.


  • Married to the most wonderful woman on the planet
  • Seven children – two are adopted from Guatemala, one from Ethiopia
  • A Christian for 34+ years
  • I counsel, mentor and advise about business, relationships, family and spiritual growth
  • I enjoy tennis, art, music, technology and family

Business Experience & Background

  • Over 25 years in commercial/graphic design; electronic and print (portfolio)
  • Over 15 years IT experience; certified systems engineer, programmer and developer
  • Nationally published graphic design author
  • Have held several executive positions in operations, publishing, marketing and management
  • US Army Drill Sgt, Veteran
  • Kenpo – Black Belt

A few of my clients: Tampa International Airport, City of Claremore, Eastland Baptist Church, U.S. Space Shuttle Program, Corel Magazine, Schlumberger, Maxwell Industrial Design, Ringe Media Corp, Richard Petty Election Campaign, U.S. Army, American Airlines, Sabre, TORO, Surgical Instrument Service, O.Z. Gettney, Tulsa University, University of Oklahoma, Bill Sczymscyk-Producer of the Eagles Grammy Records, Orca Inc., Noria Corporation, Diagnetics Inc, Spectrum Paint Company, Heartland College, Bacone College, Proven Solutions, Pepper’s Grill, Finn’s, GTR News, Fluitec, Braden Filters, PGS, Cantrell Communications, PanOak, Lexus, Chevrolet, Tulsa Bible Church, Dr. John Barnett, DRB Industries and Clear Channel Radio
- – - – - – -

That’s enough of that. When it boils down to it, what I really love is writing, design work and sharing what I’ve learned with others in a way that is both enjoyable, and a genuine help to them. That starts first at home with my 7 children. I’ll be about 126 years old when they all finally grow up and leave home, so I’ve got lots of time to practice.

Glad to meet you. Drop me an email and introduce yourself… brent@brentriggs.com

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